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Drum roll please… THE GALACTIC NAVY!


A while ago, I saw a suggestion about actually allowing people to go into the Venator Class Star Destroyer above Coruscant. Well, one thought led to another and eventually I came to the conclusion that we should add a Naval Sub-Section. Let me explain what I mean by this:It sorta like TSU, that has 3 sections to it: The Red Army, Militisya and the CPSU. So we could make another section of the group that will be the Galactic Navy. Just like in TSU, you can join which ever one you want without a tryout, but both sections will have divisions within them which will both have some sort of requirement to join. The Navy’s divisions could be the Starfighter Corps and Naval Intelligence. The Navy would be the ones of control the Venator, not that others wouldn’t be allowed in it. That’s pretty much it, but I will provide some links to other topics that might help.

Making sure this lives.

I don’t understand why people don’t care about actual good suggestions that have effort out into them.

Oooooo! You actually made this a suggestion! Awesome.

I don’t see any space in the game for ships to be implemented, ngl.

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Some pile of dogsshit is in the game

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How many times will I have to get this up before someone actually gives me criticism?

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Your idea SUCKS!!! CRITICISM!!!

Is that good?

ok bad your idea noob. theres your criticism for this post.

O-ok, thanks very m-mu-much…

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Someone better read this.

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Stop spamming your posts for clout. If nobody responds, its due to the fact that people arent interested.

Because the only thing people are actually interested in is bad suggestions. Want proof? Look at the “New and exciting subdivision!” post. It’s 4 lines and it has 25 votes. Forums has actually become terrible.

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Thats only because of how old it is, and the people saying its bad, and then the trolls comining along over the year thinking about it.

This is my last attempt. I don’t understand why people don’t want to read suggestions with actual effort put into them, but then posts like “New and exciting subdivision!” get over 200 posts on them.

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When the new map comes out, there’ll be plenty of space, or they could just expand and make a navy docking area, that would be cool.

We already have the senate, senate guard, chancellor elections, and jedi council coming out soon

Because it’s mostly the topic creator, he has replied to his own topic literally 100 times.

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day 1 of bringing this post up

Get in there lad :muscle::muscle::muscle: