Double Jump in Yoda


I was on game, as per usual, and saw this user using the Yoda morph, he had double jump and jetpack, both. And everytime he double jumped, his double jump was approximately 3-4x higher than the normal Double Jump for a normal user.


You can test it out yourself in the game.

That’s the only good thing going for the yoda morph lol

Dosen’t Yoda jump really high anyway

this happens because yoda is really small and for some reason if your character is small and you use double jump you go higher than usual, i found this out after rainy sized a few players including me to like 0.4 height in coruscant, i used double jump and i went flying into the air and died

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature :sunglasses: lmao.

But yeah pretty sure this is to do with the character’s mass/weight. Characters with little weight such as Yoda will double jump pretty high compared to heavy ones such as B2 Commander.

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