Double divisional?

Is there a way to belong to two or more divisions of soldiers, eg rg cg?

Only Battalion Commander and higher rank can be in more divisions than 1.

The only way is if you are the overseer of a division, being C1+, then joining another another division. But its quite hard to achieve that rank.

Another way is a subdivision like ARC. You can be in both a main and a subdivision.

Generally putting it, you can’t be in two divisions. Not unless you are an individual who can become an overseer for a division. ARC is the only thing you can join that can be considered a 2nd division.

You can be in one division and one sub division at the same time (ARC being the only sub division there is). The only division that doesn’t allow ARCs is Red Guard. As for being in two divisions at the same time, no, not unless you are an overseer.

i might go to the academy when i rank up