Doomsday or something like it


This is gonna get a lot of hate I can tell. But I’m thinking delete the TK warning for an hour and give everyone strong guns. It would be a massive free for all. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me wanting to be able to murder some troopers. It could be some sort of doomsday event or something like that. Could be fun, could be hell. I originally thought about giving everyone cuffs, then I snapped out of what must have been some sort of mental breakdown. Anyway, I know most people wont agree but I think it could be interesting.



As long as its not over an hour then I think it would be fine. Just imagine both immigrants and GAR members all having a shotgun or golden minigun. That would be very fun in my opinion. It could be just like the Hell Hour event except GAR can TK.

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I believe that a banner could be set on everyone’s screen to let them know that the event is temporary and that immigrants don’t have to worry about being RK’ed otherwise some people will quit the hame on their first time.


This would be so fun.


When would this event take place?

I thinking Halloween or somewhere near it. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Halloween originally was about celebrating the dead. And pretty sure there would be a lot of dead here.

Thanks for your suggestion.

I think that wont be very funny. All are killing you and its not very fun. The divisionals cant make a patrol in the city, the border is only a big confuse then. The Coruscant Guard dont have to make something, because there is not a rule anymore. All of the divisions dont have fun then. Im pretty sure that is not that fun.

Then… Don’t play on the day. Seems pretty simple to me. That’s the thing. If you won’t be able to defend yourself then don’t play on the day.

Oh and also, ITS. 1. HOUR. Divisionals have another 23 hours to patroll. It’s the hosts fault if they want a patrol during this event. They can host combat trainings or something else is they want to host.

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Or, make something like, for a few hours, make it so that there are NO RULES, do whatEVER you want, that’ll be fun, and everyone gets dual sabers, shotgun blaster and super blaster with all the forces, to cause total chaos, lol. Will cause mental pain for some, extremely fun for some XD.