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Don't get me wrong but

Don’t get me wrong but the new map [Coruscant v2] is coming out soon and it looks great, great detailing, great atmosphere and environment, great for just visiting, roleplaying, and socializing in general but there is one huge issue we all need to address:

The map is very open and the layout makes everyone including raiders and divisionals vulnerable to blasters, pistols, and miniguns. Shotguns and maybe the hand grenades that are soon to be released will practically be useless, due to this reason, raiding is definitely going to be harder as raiders now spawn very close to the border and have little to no protection at all.

As for the divisionals, same to them. They have very little to no protection, nothing they can use besides the misplaced pillars and staircases to use to defend themselves.

If anything, I’d suggest placing barriers throughout the border area and maybe a few random objects such as cars on the street so it’s not so empty and also so people can use it as cover.

This is simply a suggestion, I do not wish for anyone to get angry just because they have the wrong idea or misread this post.

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I have the same thoughts but we’ll have to see if it’s actually like that.

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Agree I would like it if there was more barriers like around the corner of the sidewalks.


Agreed the map needs to be not small,not big,not overly big but minimum size for everyone. So raiders and GAR get equally everything in battle just like the old map.

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