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Do we need a new map?

Recently, since the “beta” release of the new map has come out, a lot of the forum topics have been about it, most of them lodging complaints with it. After seeing all these thoughts, I have a question. Do we really need a new map? Yes, it freshens up gameplay, but there’s something iconic about the map we have. It’s pretty balanced, maybe it could use some minor changes, but all weapons work effectively on it. It’s fair for both raiders and GAR alike. Maybe we could just modify it, rather than creating a whole new one. What do you guys think?

I’ve been testing games for 5 years I guess and I’ve never seen a cross platform game which is so laggy for mobiles (1fps-10fps) and lower end pcs. They definitely need to do something about that, note that I’m talking about the beta map.

well im pretty sure viking and kurka spent ages making this map they’re not gonna just throw it away like its nothing…


Fair point, but I’m going to miss the old map.

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They could keep the old map? Just have 2 maps.

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It just seems so unnecessary, the map we have now is great. There are so many bugs in this new map, a few weapons will become irrelevant, and most of the forum posts recently have been complaining about it. Can’t we just spice up the old map? Do we truly need this new map? I get they’ve been working on it for a long time, but it feels like a bit of a futile endeavor. Maybe they could add some more gamepasses, or extra areas to the existing map.

In my opinion the new map is to big I think that they should just keep the old add the barcs in and replace all those buildings that are useless by some of the new ones but honestly the new map for me is a 50 50 in terms of good or bad.