Do not nerf the force

I have heard of Rxtrivaa post and i totally disagree because nerfing force powers would get people mad.

  1. if u nerf them the prices will be to much and people will stop buying them
  2. once u nerf them and u have people who already have bought and expected more of them they will get mad and ask for refunds which can’t be handed out unfortunately.
  3. Vikinglaw will have to lower the prices since people will not be willing to pay for a weak weapon.
    this is why i am against this idea. if u agree with me say something nice about this topic or leave a like and have a good rest of your day :slight_smile:

I think all of the forces are good as they are except for force alter. It is way to OP and needs to be either nerfed by a lot, have an increase in cooldown time, or just completely changed in what it does but something a bit similar to it.

i agree on the cool down but just don’t nerf every force power i mean that absurd.

also idc if alter is op cause i love that force power.