DM this person!

I need everyone to DM zainn.#9417 (MaresCreed), 41st HICOM to LOWER THE 41st OFFICER QUOTA!

MaresCreed made the quota SUPER HIGH!

Pls dm them and i give u hug

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OMg i camot beleive how hi he mabe the 41th ofiser quote! tiem to beg in DmS

Might as well spam DM them to not give you a quota at all.

Will you really give me a hug?

yesh i will archie marchie tarchie

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I feel like if I do this I will just get yelled at.

Okay, I’ll do it just for you.

Btw, why do you call me these things? Lol.

Your negotiation skills are amazing.

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Yeah, ikr??? Am pro.

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because of the 20 cahracter limit

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Oh, I thought you only call me that for fun.

Lmao this is basically slavery stop abuse of LRs!!!

I remember grumbling at him after doing a tryout 3 times because I had 3½ pages of badges. And I regret it.