Divisional Rivalry

Have something like a capture the flag game or something on the battlegrounds game that divisions can compete in, maybe capture the point or something. Majority of the competition are DT’s and the people in the division who aren’t as good at combat as others can’t help represent the division but if we had something like a capture the flag game in battlegrounds where we would use our in game morphs and guns to fight and in that game divisions could also use specific weapons for the roles like a recon could use the sniper even if they didn’t have the gamepass but only if they are in a capture the flag game or a shock trooper would get the shot gun and everyone else would get the blaster rifle.


GAR Second Lieutenant - God1hly

Seems really fun indeed.
The only issue that could be, is probably that it would be too hard/long to set up.
We’d need to have commands to start the game, so we’d need a SL or higher, ect…

Aswell as having a pretty hard part too talking of dev.

That’s a pretty idea. Will take a look.

Maybe like CC+ or XO+ from divisions will have limited access to use battlegrounds?

Yeah, that would be cool for training.