Divisional quotas unclassification


I think we should not consider the quota of neither divisions classified for multiple variety of reasons I will now write down. I have seen many people not being sure if they wanna join a division for not knowing how big their quota is, he was unsure if he could do it or not.


-It is a worthless information in the POV of a tryout or in any part of outside the division, it won’t give you any bit of headstart nor handicap during tryouts or events or anywhere really.
-It is actually helpful for members to know quotas of all divisions even OUTSIDE the division so that they can decide if they have time or DO NOT have time to complete it (Could avoid people joining for a week or maybe 2 weeks just to discharge because they can’t take it OR at least can reduce their numbers)
-This is the least biggest thing you can consider leaking (aka you can get a huge punishment for)

In my opinion overall this could help people decide on joining a division a lot easier and will not be scared to tryout for a division for the reason of not having enough time. It would also probably make the bonds of GAR and divisional’s life closer since there would be plenty of new topic relating the quotas to talk about

(The idea came from 2021 when I got punished permanently for leaking a part of a quota at first [Later on things happened etc…] and with not only moving the community forwards I also wanna avoid people committing the same mistakes as I once did. Therefor this seems like a good implemention)

I agree I don’t think quotas should be classified for divisions. As you said it doesn’t help people pass tryouts.

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If divisional quotas were unclassified, everyone would join the division with the lowest quota.


I don’t find this an actually existing problem, people already have a division they like either because of the TV hows and films or because they already met most of the people in there and made long lasting friendships and abandoning it seems not worth it, there surely would be a few people with this mind of thought, but probably an unsignificant amount

I agree with ahand, this could severely impact other divisions and lead to everyone just joining whichever division has the lowest quota.


I agree with this, they shouldn’t be classified only like RG

I actually thing that it would be an awesome idea as i just realized i always wanted to be a CG or someone from 104th but now that i realized it i only play this game on the weekends or sometimes in the week but i have always something to do with the school ( wlel now i have holidays but im working in 3 weeks of 6 and i am german so i will have different times) , so it could really be usefull information.
I already saw someone comment that people would join the division with the lowest quota, i think yes because its the easiest to join and no, because not everyone will like that division (Just a assumption).
And i saw that someone commented that this is not a important problem or one that isnt widely spred and i disagree we just dont see it really.
I had some friends from CG or other divisions and most of the changed to another one or left the divisions comepletly because they couldnt fulfill the qutoa because most or all of them had a IRL live…

I would say its an awesome idea to encourage new comers (spec above) to join a division that suits them not only in looks but also in the quota !

I agree, un-classifying the quotas would be good for divisionals and non-divisionals alike. It would help newer members with picking a division to join, as well as old divisionals looking to join a new one because they don’t have time for their current quota.

Nothing to say about this topic of quota, aint even knowing what even it means. But I guess this increase more players’ interest to join division, specifically pc players.(Yes, mobile players like me still being discriminated to not easier join.)

we aren’t lowering reqs so mobile can pass easily

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The combat system used in tryout game arent fit to mobile players. :confused: and not lowering req isnt the correct solution to solve it.

Well we can’t change the combat system used in Futuretops and there is no reason to make an entire new game just to support mobile players.

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Well. If they really want to increase players in division more and more, they got to put mobile players into consideration. Relying on pc players’s interest is only going to get them as far it could. At least this suggestion could maximize the decision-making choices for players to join without complication.

How did we even get here? Like… This topic is about quota and meking it not Classified anymore, how did the combat reqs and hard tryouts came up?

Anyways, i see that some people are genuinly concerned that this MAYBE affect some divisions, but let me tell you something, people in the Discord server already know which and which is not the hardest division (By tryout reqs) BUT it still does not affect divisions that are harder to get in, ARC is one of the hardest division to get into (EVEN if it is a sub division) and hundreds of players are still really eager to join it, there would be people who would join the easiest quota division but definitely an unsignificant amount and won’t ruin most division.

I aware of how benefit it could have to users who are want to join division first time. But the effect wont be significant is what Im saying.

i agree, un-classify the ri quota!


Okaaay, I admit, there gotta be exceptions :confused: but still, basic divisions nd possibly maybe even CG should not classify their quota

Divisions aren’t looking for mobile users, they aren’t desperate.

If you haven’t noticed, tryouts are a rarity at this point. This is because divisions are packed. 327th nearly has 400 members.

We don’t want to overpopulate divisions, division leadership is limited and restricted by GAR HICOM.

Mobile players have MANY restrictions, many downsides, if you want, ill list them, won’t without someone asking. Point being, why recruit inefficient mobile players when there is clearly tons of PC players to recruit.

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Quotas are classified for many reasons I can’t list.

Some examples like ‘It would make recruitment unstable with people going for the lowest quota’ are 100% true.

Quotas are made classified to keep the market for divisions stable, simple as that.

If you want more info on why quotas are classified, ask some divisional HICOM. Don’t go suggesting something as insane as this without doing much research.


Join the division to see if you do or don’t, discharge after a week if you don’t like it.

This isn’t a problem at all? Don’t see why it would be.

If it’s classified, it’s important. Simple as that.

What… I don’t-

So… This is all about you being banned for leaking the knowingly classified RG quota?

It isn’t.