Divisional Arsenal


(Divisionals have to fight extremely hard enemies, many of which have extremely overpowered gamepasses that make them a tough target. Golden Minigun, Dual Lightsabers, and Force Damage Alter. This makes being a Divisional a really challenging task, with all of those advantages, raiders can easily take us out with little to no effort. I feel that Divisionals need something with a little more of a punch to it other then the hand blaster. A gun that does at least 45 Damage per bullet, with a Decent fire rate.)


( Any helpful resources - videos / images )

Divs and raiders are pretty balanced why make the divs more overpowered? That doesn’t make sense

Ah yes, we get a blaster that does 15 damage per shot, and can only shoot a bullet a second, not even that. Divisions are not balanced to raiders with over powered gamepasses. We have 15 damage guns, while they have 35-50 damage guns. 41st may have a shield, but with a minigun our shields can be easily dropped.

Be queiit kiddo. you dont get it.

1 raider can kill divisionals easy, but that’s the point. We have power in numbers. Besides, you can buy these same gamepasses. Also, skill issue.

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You realise divisionals can buy gamepasses too right.

That’s not the point, if raiders got their guns for free I’d be mad, but you get all those guns for free and bonuses when a typical player gets none, so what if raiders have the gamepasses, you can buy them yourself.

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Do you want to spent $32.98 for a singular gun?

Raiders do it, so can divisionals, they cant expect to be spoonfed gamepasses by rainy, hes gotta make money and handing out lots of guns for free is a bad way to do that because then everyone will join divisions and no one will buy gamepasses

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Raiders spent money on it. You didnt spend any money. See why that’s unfair?

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Money isnt of the virtue for everyone love. Not everyone can afford to win.

So… “they paid for something but I want it for free?” Is your reasoning? That’s true, not everyone can afford this stuff. I think they should add permanent but expensive versions of these weapons for credits. But saying it’s unbalanced is so far from true, since you can buy the same weapons they can for the same cost. That isn’t unbalanced.

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So… You want divisionals to be given overpowered guns FOR FREE (when, by the way, everyone else has to pay for them) just because you “don’t want to” pay for it?

I don’t want to pay taxes but the government ain’t letting me off.

Don’t want to be too rude, but, this will never happen.


@JaguarEmpathy Sorry for giving you a hard time when the new forum was first released I wasn’t feeling great.

divisions and their companies have been said that they will get their own guns in the rework, so this idea is technically already in place, but regardless, if a raider can purchase the gamepasses, so can divisionals, if a divisional doesnt want to buy those gamepasses, that is their problem

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