Disguises but not the trooper kind!

I used to play this game called ‘Da Hood’, yuck I know right. And they had this mask option that would conceal your username for a hefty amount of cash. I feel like this would be a cool option for raiders if they want to hide their KOS for a short period of time. It wouldn’t be permanent though, either using the force on them or killing them breaks it off.

Also if they kill someone with the disguise they immediately get exposed. This is if they want peace or to sneak around before killing someone without them suspecting anything. So it’s no OP. I feel like it’s another good alternative to the trooper morph because if someone puts their mouse on you in the trooper morph or looks at your username they can immediatly see immigrant and it’s only really effective form far away. It’s a bit of a stretch but I’d like to hear your ideas on it.

Or! Maybe once the new map comes out they can disguise into one of the NPCs roaming around. Just a quick little idea. Even though it’d totally make it harder for me maybe also add and AOS/KOS list for GAR, like a wanted GUI but not the bounty type. Something that could be easier for Divisionals/GAR to be aware of their surroundings and immigrants.

I think as long as there some restrictions(not being able to use it on like HICOM and certain others to prevent impersonation of HICOM/officers) it could be an interesting idea

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no :sunglasses:

Char requires blood

Pretty good idea. That would fix some of the issues with AOS and KOS a little bit.

What issues? You kill alot of people, KOS. You kill even more people, AOS. You join a raiding group, KOS. it’s not hard to understand and I don’t see any issues with it