Diseases and maladies, bioweapon

Diseases and maladies

I suggest adding diseases and maladies, as I promised to do the second part of the suggestion.
It’s not a simple infestation, but it can damage your character’s stats, it looks like the real thing, and you’ll require hospital treatment, and it depends what kind of infestation you might have.
This should have 3 types:

  1. Safe
    This infection is not the most dangerous, it does not just kill, but slowly spreads the infection through your body, and you get symptoms, and you can get very sick such as cough, runny nose, fever, and so on. You can infect others if you come into contact with strangers, depending on what symptoms you may have to be infected. You may have developed stage disease.
  2. Neutral
    This can be considered a little more dangerous, since your characters can damage some important things, such as you won’t be able to jump, run, loss of HP, and become very sick. You may have developed stage disease.
  3. Dangerous
    This thing is able to immediately kill you, it can be a biological, chemical, especially dangerous weapon that can be distributed throughout the point. The stages can be different, such as you can become a zombie, and still you can’t enter into contact because you can be put in a special hospital, they will treat you.
    I will tell you about biological, chemical weapons can be different and they should have different symptoms, depending on whether they can be safe or dangerous.
    Treatments can vary depending on what symptoms you have, such as vaccines, pills, shots, or natural treatments, but there should be side effects that will damage your character’s stats.

Example material “Armed Disease Control”

I found an example of such a game Armed Disease Control.
The patient must change to a sterilized uniform.
Clear all remaining which is in the body.
And then the doctor checks the patient check all over the body, infection, and all that, and make a diagnosis.

Doctors, scientists can check in the laboratory.

Methods of treatment

Criminal scientist

A criminal scientist can develop and craft such biological weapons, and a lot of things can be developed such as weapons, armor, and can be sold on the black market, and also GAR scientists can develop and craft the same but the role of a criminal.

Material “Bioweapon”

A bioweapon was a genetically engineered pathogen developed and used as a military weapon. It was often, although not always, designed to affect only a specific species or number of species

Blue Shadow Virus

The Blue Shadow Virus was a deadly disease that spread like a plague in the galaxy many years before the Clone Wars. Waterborne in its original form, the majority of carbon-based lifeforms were susceptible to it. Although the virus was eventually eradicated, during the Clone Wars, Doctor Nuvo Vindi of the Confederacy of Independent Systems re-engineered an airborne strain of the virus on Naboo. He attempted to spread it across the planet, but was stopped by the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order.

Susceptible species

  • All carbon based lifeforms

Transmission type

  • Waterborne
  • Airborne


Reeksa root

Death Seed

The Death Seed plague was a disease caused by parasitic drochs which caused necrosis of the skin and ultimately led to death.

Susceptible species


Transmission type

  • Drochs
  • Dzym


Skin decay


Exposure to Spook-Crystals


Trihexalon, also called dragon’s breath and hex for short, was a biological weapon of mass destruction.


Was an experimental Separatist

Hive virus

Prior to the Clone Wars, the virus was fairly common. They were characterized by a dormancy period followed by mass activation, mediated by unknown means. The Jurrinex6 strain was intentionally designed by biological terrorists.
One of the most virulent strains of hive virus attacked the mental centers of the brain, altering perceptions. Individuals were driven mad in a relatively short time.
Masrizeen was a chemical compound produced by kalaides on the planet Cols to spur fertile periods in their reproductive cycle. The chemical could be used to create viable antidotes for the Jurrinex6 and Jurr-5 hive viruses.

And the most interesting thing if it’s Halloween, I propose to add Imperial bioweapons Project I71A

The Imperial bioweapons Project I71A, known as the Sickness, was an infectious viral agent created through the powers of Sith alchemy that attacked biological tissue and transformed its victims into undead monstrosities. The disease was originally created by the Sith Lord Darth Drear on Odacer-Faustin sometime prior to 4645 BBY, and was intended to grant immortality to its crafter. Drear’s initial experiments resulted in failure, and the Sith Lord fell victim to his creation. Over one thousand years later, during the period of unrest following the Great Galactic War, the Sith Lord Darth Scabrous attempted to recreate Drear’s disease in the hope that he would succeed where his predecessor had failed. Scabrous likewise failed to create a path to immortality, and in the process unleashed the virus upon the unsuspecting students and staff of the Odacer-Faustin Sith academy. Before long, all of the Sith Acolytes and Masters on the planet died and were born anew as cannibalistic monstrosities motivated only by the will to eat.

Transmission type

  • Bite wounds sustained from infected victims
  • Contact with bodily fluids of the infected
  • Airborne contagion

Incubation period

  • Seconds to minutes for bite victims
  • Several hours for those infected through fluid transmission and inhalation


Direct transmission:

  • Madness, followed shortly by complete loss of cognitive functions
    Airborne transmission:
  • Сoughing
  • Mucus buildup
  • Fever
  • Hallucinations
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances
  • Profuse internal bleeding
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Seizure
  • Coma

All transmission types:

  • Necrosis of flesh and organic tissue
  • Eventual death
  • Reanimation of corpse as an undead cannibal


  • Consuming the still-beating heart of a Jedi
  • Swift amputation of limbs that contain the site of transmission
  • Anti-virus injections

Wookieepedia resources

I understand that this is a complicated thing, I know that the developers will not do this, but these are just suggestions. Share with your opinions, I will create some suggestions about the hospital later.
And that’s all the possible contagion event that I suggested about it.

This is a border military game. How can you even plan to add virus-related content to it? It either entertained, or annoying border’s duty.

Well, this is just a separate event that I suggested to Coruscant Health Administration.

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The problem in here that it is an EXTREMELY huge ammounts of coding to make a reality and we still miss multiple factors that we would require, for example who will be in the medical bay helping us recover, how will it even start to spread, we do not yet even have a medical bay or any buildings close to that, we also do not know what to do if no medical personnel is on the server, this requires multiple things in my opinion that will make it extremely hard to do and just not even worth the effort, EVEN if the devs decide to add this, such a weapon that only can be cured by specific players in a specific medical division or medical class would e expensive since it is hard to fight against in time. I could list some more things why would this be too hard and extremely unnecessary to the gameplay but there is just no reason, Coruscant is a really simple, easy border game solly existing for the sake of the border game genre of having military personnel roleplay an actual functioning border and not to make an actual roleplay around an entire (multiple system required [System as planets]) of completely self made and owned materials.

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This would be a massive amount of work and would be extremely destructive to patrols, SSUs, and other ingame events. No.

How are the gar supposed to take on border and hospital duty both simultaneously? Aint no way players have capacity to do it.

An interesting question, what about giving an opportunity to an immigrant to enter the job? I read one of the announcements where Rainylofi said that they could add such a profession, I think it’s a separate one, or make divisions similar to TSU biopreparat, this is “Coruscant Health Administration”.

Well. They need to somehow guranteed that the immigrants are ‘neutral’, not hostile, like arming themselves with gun then entered the facility.

After COVID I am sick of viruses

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