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Greetings, I created a discussion that you can discuss about the proposal, you can share ideas, opinions, you can even vote, etc., and we will collect and then create a proposal. As you can already see, I created more than 4 suggestion in two days, but recently I almost created about 10 suggestion, but I lost it due to cleaning the site, so to speak. While I can recover the suggestion, share your ideas and I’ll do something.

I can show my previous suggestion.


Bank and currency

Rework map

Store vehicle

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I’ll attach a discussion of “Barrier” just in case, so that I can collect the vote to the end, there are almost 16 votes, but we need at least 50 votes.

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I am attaching my new suggestion

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I am attaching my new suggestion.

I am attaching my new suggestion.

dude u made a post to show other posts u created???

Well, let’s say I created this post to discuss suggestion, and I wanted to show suggestions that I myself created.

That’s what the reply bit is for in the suggestions though. Talking about the suggestion.