Discord unban appeal


Username: Dman1393
Discord: Senu#4432
Discord Id: 178895443797868544
Ban reason: posting nsfw in friends dms


I would like to be unbanned from the GAR discord server. At first I didn’t think much of it until a couple of months in I started to miss being in a division. I admit that this probably wasnt the best decision on sending a certain image in an old friends dms, but probably wasnt the best mostly because i got banned for that reason and i believe almost everyone deserves 2nd chances. Like I said. I admit it wasnt the best decision but I’ve learnt not to send those types of images into another friends DMs who is apart of GAR (Even tho the topic wasnt even GAR Related) and im ready to come back into the GAR discord server. Thank you for taking your time and reading this, and I promise not to do these types of actions again.



I have gone ahead and decided to deny your ban.
You should ask consent and then send something.
Your ban reason speaks for itself. Never ever send NSFW to any person without their consent.

Discord ban appeal: :x: Denied.

Thank you,