Discord unban appeal [CLOSED]


Username: zurperur
Discord: zurperur#2873
Discord Id: 831420879354855435
Ban reason: caps


I will not repeat what have done before, I promise i have full control. I absolutely promise i will watch what i say, and i will never cause any problems with the server this time. Also i just want to say tha- (casually rickroles you). all seriousness though I want to just vibe with the gar guys, I don’t want to find another game to get attached to if i don’t get allowed back. Because i enjoy this so much. The discord group is what makes, "the gar, “the gar,” it just wont be enjoyable if i don’t have permission to come back. I hope you understand.

When you get banned for caps, that means you have done it at least 3 times and did not stop, the fact you got warned by the bot and still failed to comply to me shows that you will not listen to warns given in that context which means, will you actually or do it on the down low? Even tho its not a serious offense the fact you repeated it that amount of times to end up being banned is due to you not following the warns, therefore i can not tell if you will stop or continue when unbanned and i will not accept your appeal for that reason.