Discord Ban Appeal


Username: ( ethansift )
Discord: ( ethansift#5628 )
Discord Id: ( 707217578606723182 )
Ban reason: ( Posting nsfw )


( For starters the meme wasn’t NSFW, there was no nudity etc. Second of all I know better then to post things that will most likely get me muted, warned, or banned. I also apologize for my actions. I did not intend to disturb or irritate any of the community. I would love to be accepted back in and tryout for 501st. This game is fun and they also need more player activity. I think if you let me back in this will expand the Grand army of the republic. At the end of the day I want to be more apart of the community. I am once again sorry for my actions and I hope you do find a place in your heart to accept me back in. Your’s truly


After reviewing the details of this appeal I’ve decided that the meme is not NSFW and therefore this appeal will be accepted. In the future be careful with what you post so that it is not mistaken for NSFW, have a good day.

Appeal Status: :white_check_mark: Accepted