Discord ban appeal

Username: AntsLogic
Discord: antslogic#5950
Discord Id: 492561641838215188
Ban reason: ( Reason of the ban if known )

Description I understand that treason is a permanent ban which happened approximately a year and a half ago now, I’d like to again join the community to have a second chance of being a part of the GAR community as it was the first-ever professional “Roblox” community I had joined. And I enjoyed the company of CG and 7th and would like to rejoin.

I am sorry for my actions and would like to rejoin.

In this community, I have created lots of warm memories, as it started my Roblox Star Wars career, especially in CG and 7th sky corps and I desperately want to have a purpose in my life and have some responsibility in a divison please consider unbanning me.

In conclusion, I’d like a second chance in this community (If this is possible) as I know treason is a permanent ban, if you could make an exception that would be great so I could have a second chance in this great community. Thank you for reading this.

sorry for the random bold text can’t fix it lmao


You have already been denied and nothing changed to that. Refrain from making multiple appeals for unappealable offenses.