Discord Ban appeal


Username: DoubleUp
Discord: Double#4752
Ban reason: Toxicity


I was recently banned from the GAR discord for being toxic towards a member of the moderation team in a private discord server. I will start off by saying I am sorry for what I said about Quicko, I regret the statements I made. Someone in the private discord server mentioned that they were not a big fan of quicko, I took the liberty to then say some not very nice things about him which I regret. I have known quicko for a while now during my time as a tsu raider and as an officer with him in TSU, to put it simply we do not get along. That being said when I said the not so pleasant things about quicko it was late and I had a rough day. I was not in a good mood and because of this I was not thinking clearly. This is not an excuse for what I said, I still should have watched my mouth. I have nothing against Quicko nor the moderation team and wish to apologize to them. I hope that this finds you well. If you have anymore concerns please feel free to dm me.

After reviewal, it is decided that your appeal will be accepted.



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šŒšØššžš«ššš­š¢šØš§ š“šžššš¦.