Discord ban appeal [CLOSED]

Username: xN_ick17
Discord: Nick/ #0918
Discord Id: 620673476092755988
Ban reason: Asking community members for innaprioprate content.

Well i believe and now i look at it my action seem vile and idiotic. Its been almost 8 months since i got banned from GAR by ex moderator known as x1sidious. I have used that time to reflect on my action and to improve myself as a person. Im truly sorry for mistake i made. I should have know that innaprioprate word that i mentioned in communications server is not blacklisted by overwatch bot. I wish to be unbaned so i can start a new slate and spend time on starting other career in GAR. Im sincerely sorry an i will not repeat the same mistake i did back in 2020.
Have a great day.

Unfortunately for you, these actions follow you even 8 months after you got banned. Asking other members for pornographic content will not be tolerated. Actions have consequences, and your appeal will be denied due to failing to follow the rules, and asking others for inappropriate content.