Discord ban appeal [CLOSED]


Username: WORTREX999Ukázka kódu
Discord: 8464
Discord Id: 789456685429293076
Ban reason: ‘‘DM advertising’’

Ban Appeal

I have been banned from GAR discord because of DM advertising. I am co-leader of allowed SF association and i have experience with recruiting and i am not that stupid to spam someone with invites. I dont even have link and i am not on that server! Recently, some person called Calme invited me on ‘‘Free nitro’’ server. My friend really recieved that nittro so i though it isnt scam. But is was and i downlanded something. I think he has acces on my account and he is posting that invites. It is for second time when he is abusing my account. And i know rules so i am firstly asking people if they want to join and then i will invite them. Anyways, i want to be part of Grant Army of The Republic and i wouldnt do that stupid think.
Thank you

So you said that your friend hacked your account and used it for evil intents? Then why did you trust him and downloaded an app that supposedly allowed your friend to hack you. Actions have consequences, and by failing to protect your account, you’ve shown that you’re unfit to return to the server. Therefore, your appeal is denied.