Discord Ban Appeal [CLOSED]

Username: Xsmoothdude
Discord: Tactical doge
Discord id: 2571
Ban reason: dm advert


Username: ( Your username )
Discord: ( Your Discord tag )
Discord Id: ( Your Discord Id )
Ban reason: ( Reason of the ban if known )
The reason why you should unban me is because I made a very big mistake. You see… during 2019 I made my discord account I was in a discord server that was giving out promotions for inviting, I was supposed to invite my friends but I accidentally invited Devkurka (that time I did not know how to delete a message). I have learned my lesson and my mistake I promise, I will never do it again.


( Describe why you think we should unban you )

It seems that you have been unbanned and returned to the server, therefore, this appeal is no longer valid and will be denied.