Discord ban appeal [CLOSED]


Username: wolfi2
Discord: Hydrox
Discord Id: #9546
Ban reason: Pinged the mod team


I’m very sorry for my actions. First of all I didn’t know I would get banned for pinging the whole mod team, and second of all I did it for a very valid reason. Some random guy was convincing another person to cut themselves. He said if he wouldn’t then a ghost will go after him and kill him. They were talking for around 20 min and no moderator was deleting his text messages nor banning him. I’m very sorry for pinging the whole moderation team, I hope you guys will accept my condolences. If you need proof let me know, Hoth was there.

Again, you could have pinged one lone mod for that reason. By pinging the whole moderation team, you’ve pinged people who do not wish to be pinged, such as Vikinglaw, DevKurka, and Justin. If one moderator wasn’t responding, then notify another one. Therefore, your appeal is denied until further notice for failure to use the proper means to report someone.