Discord ban appeal [CLOSED]


Username: ( pkpaffd1 )
Discord: ( pkpaffd1#1452 )
Discord Id: (643832904882978876 )
Ban reason: ( Harassment )


( So I was banned for harassment, I basically called somebody an idiot and a noob, and told them to go cry in a corner, I didn’t actually mean to harass him or hurt him, and I wasn’t joking, and I take responsibility for this, can I get another chance, however I am sorry for it and I won’t do it again I am regretful, again I won’t do it again, and I am very sorry for that cry in a corner message, I will like to say sorry to anyone who felt harassed by my messages, and I will follow the rules, thank you. )

As said before, the case against you is not very appealable. It has came to my attention that you were warned before, but kept continuing your action. Actions have consequences, and this is one of them. Therefore, your appeal is denied.