Discord ban appeal - 1 year banned [CLOSED]


Username: Rom
Discord: Deleted User Rom#0404
Discord Id: 690879672883347506
Ban reason: DM pub


I was banned about one year ago when I was new to discord. I just figured out about this forum and that’s why I’m posting this all this time aftrer. I remember sending an invite to two random person on the server for a remuneration discord that wasn’t even mine. When I think about it now, I feel really ashamed and I apologize to the people I DMed. Now, I’ve grown and I do understand the fact that what I did was toxic and irresponsible. I apologize once again and I promis I’ll never do it again. Thanks for reading.

Unfortunately, actions have consequences. The rules were there for you to read, and you failed to follow them. Therefore, your appeal will be denied due to failing to follow the rules, as well as intentionally sending links to others without consent.