Different colors when?

Even in the old forums we’ve asked for this. This would make a great gamepass. We need lightsaber customization like bruh. I don’t want red sabers anymore. Also why not add a option to customize jetpacks or weapons? (like add scopes or different colors) this could bring in a lot of players maybe and lots of money yk.

There is lightsaber customization tech out there. Really no excuse.

lightsaber customization may happen although i dont think its confirmed yet, also just WAIT. the devs have enough to do right now with the new map and the coruscant revamp

also jetpacks are already customized automatically to your division’s armor color

I mean for raiders. Raiders have been missing out a lot ever since these updates have been favoring gar.

Oof i really hoped ya raiders get atleast some good aesthetic features and good raider perks like detonation .
L-From Gar, sergeant major.