Did Vikinglaw use us and Kurka?

Did Vikinglaw use us and Kurka? Here is my opinion:

When he bought GAR he had cared for it. But when it started to to pretty well, he was probably like “Why do I need to share so much profit with Kurka?” Therefore, he gets one last good sale in says “Not interested in the topic anymore.” Waits a few months for GAR to be like “Where is Vikinglaw??” Buys a small TGRA for a cheap price, then let’s GAR make a big deal about it. Kurka’s members join his group, and boom! He has a game in the same genre that’s decently big and he doesn’t need to split a lot of the profit. (Yes, I know he has to pay HICOM)

What are your thoughts? Is he using us?


I feel like what he did was not very good, when you put it like that, however, I feel like he wasn’t intentionally hurting us.

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i feel its messed up he abandoned us then gets a new GAR. what is wrong with him.
-tyhhipthebest sergeant GAR

Look, it’s a game stop getting so mellow dramatic about it. His game is dedicated on delivering updates, I’ve made a lot of post on this forum regarding this games UI and they don’t seem to care, naturally I’m not going to care either, I have joined Vikingslaws gar.

After school I will post vikings side to the story of what happened because I have poor wifi and all.

He didn’t care about GAR enough for it to be considered him using us.


It’s all about perspective; I heard from some reliable sources that the separation wasn’t really mutual, and Kurka might have forced him out. The reason for this decision was due to Kurka not being capable of leading development for three groups.

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Still waiting for that, you should drop out your school is too long.

three more months of school is a pain