Demotion Appeal


Username: ( TALO_11 )
Demotion reason: ( I accidentally killed a divisional and it demoted me from staff sergeant to sergeant. )


( So I had just bought the shotgun with in game cash and I was chasing a raider. I was firing my shotgun at them and they jumped and I hit a divisional trooper. I was banned for killing and Officer and when I joined the game the next day I was demoted from staff sergeant to sergeant. I am sorry that I killed the officer but I feel the demotion is unfair. It was an accident and I am hoping I can have my rank back because it will take a long time to get 20 more power. Please DM me on discord at ChonkyCat#5831 if you have any updates. )


Due to this appeals age and you providing no proof or vouches I will have to deny this appeal.

Status: Denied :x:

Best regards,