Delete the KOS/AOS system

I hate having to get jailed for massive killing GAR. Massive killing GAR is like the easiest thing to do in coruscant. Honestly it doesn’t matter if you make it harder to get AOS in game. Just delete the whole system. It was better back when you couldn’t get jailed for massive killing GAR. Just please remove the whole entire KOS/AOS system. I missed it when you could get AOS for harassing/impersonating HICOM in coruscant. Now that others can easily get it for raiding now, I don’t even want it anymore. I know that mostly all the trolls who got AOS way back when you couldn’t get it for raiding didn’t want to get it anymore because the stupid system.

Don’t say ‘‘noooo rainy made it harder get aos and kos in the game’’

I know that not everything will go my way. I just don’t like getting jailed for killing GAR. Hopefully this system gets removed so I wont have to keep waiting 5 minutes.

I think the purpose of the system is to give GAR a chance to retake the border if it’s been taken over. Plus why get rid of the KOS system if your entire argument is related with the AOS tag


That’s fairly true honestly.

i agree with this suggestion, but you know what would be even more cool than that? if they unbanned me.


Doesn’t really matter. GAR has been getting a lot of cool upgrades and buffs. And what do raiders get? Nothing.

If you haven’t been checking up on development, there is gonna be some huge raider updates coming soon.

There are planned updates for raiders I believe.

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