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Customizable Jetpack

The jetpack looks great, save for one thing- the color. The only morphs it fits with really is 501st, yet it really clashes against most other morphs that aren’t blue. My proposition is that for each armored and colored morph, (each morph that has some kind of color scheme/intention of stealth) and excluding morphs that don’t have armor like Yoda or Count Dooku, you can swap out the color scheme, like replacing the blue with red for CG, or orange for 7th, etc. For divisions or morphs that have the entire color pallet/morph swapped out, like RG or Dusk company, you can swap out the other colors/textures on the jetpack to match the morph. Another option is just to have a color/texture pallet available to owners of the jetpack gamepass to customize the jetpack specifically. I know the whole jetpack morph was recently-ish changed, and this might be a slightly difficult, but this little bit would go a long way in making it fir in just a bit more.