Custom ingame music for courscant

We all know GAR doesn’t get enough love like HRE or TSU, despite being one of the biggest, almost over taking TSU and we’re still bigger then HRE. Why not make the game feel more alive with custom ingame music? HRE and TSU has it, so why not GAR?

There is radio but a good point is that there should be little in the border and alot of them in the city cause the border is being raided. Not agreeing or disagreeing.

There could be some Star Wars music, but I personally like the background sounds, as we’re in the medium-high levels of Coruscant.

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I’m not sure if in-game music would solve the issue. I don’t think I’m looking forward to scare users away with star wars music on join. The ambient sounds seem to be better at this point.

I prefer the ambient sounds. I don’t really have an opinion on there being in game music though.

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