Cuffs for divisional HICOM

Divisional HICOM (Usually CC+) Should get access to cuffs as they are usually trusted members of divisions with great trust. It would help them manage patrols and prevent incidents such as GAR disturbing or TKing. If CG guardsmen are trusted then a person with often months in another div should be trusted with such item. They should go through a small exam to certify they know the rules and procedures.

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Don’t they already have cuffs? I swear they do.

I agree. However, they should memorize all the resons to jail GAR or Immigrants to prevent any cuff abuse.

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I don’t see how much use divisional HiCOM would get out of cuffs tbh.

We’ve been requesting it for awhile nothing comes of it, sadly I don’t think we’d be getting cuffs anytime soon.

While I do agree that divisional HiCOM have gained the trust needed to carry cuffs, I do not see how it would benefit them at all.

The job of divisional HiCOM is to command the division and oversee everything that goes on in it. They have almost nothing to do with maintenance, law enforcement, etc. of people in-game. Cuffs make sense for like CG and GAR High Ranks because their jobs involve maintenance and law enforcement of GAR personnel. So essentially it would be like giving a person who cannot read a book to learn English from.

In short, although I can see where you are coming from with this suggestion and it’s not a bad idea at all, it would not have any real benefit on anything.

I don’t think you’ve seen how many low rank GAR try to kill HICOM for fun because of the “VIP” or just having a cool rank tag.

I think they could benefit in getting this to protect themselves from these dummies.

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Divisional HICOM is present during their division mass patrols. During that patrols, GAR members (mostly troopers) often violate Echo - 0.6 and Echo - 1.1. Cuffs would allow divisional HICOM to jail these troopers instead of killing them to ensure the safety of the patrol.


Yeah, that’s why I suggested an exam of sorts to verify their knowledge of cuff rules.