Cuffs for corps+

Before you say anything like “its going to be chaos” or “people will be abusing it” I have a very simple solution for that, A cuff tryout. You have to attend this and if passed will be given cuffs. But if you abuse it, it will be revoked.

Coruscant Guard get cuffs and their tryouts allow corporals or higher. What would the difference be?

Also, corporals who are not in a division need to post, so they shouldn’t be in charge of making people go to posts. Corporal is also a low rank.

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Why should corporals be able to have cuffs when they still have to post? If they want cuffs, tryout for CG.


Yea there’s a suggestion to wo having cuffs but I don’t really support cuffs for corps.

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It’s going to be chaos and people will be abusing it. It should be made for divisions only and divisions have tryouts, so there will be no difference from getting cuffs and being in the division. Just join a division with cuffs like the Coruscant Guard division.


Our playerbase would decrease, because they would need to be 13+ to pass the tryout and rank up. Most of our players are 6 year old kids that don’t read the rules and Random kill.

A cuff tryout beyond stupidity. Anybody could pass it and then abuse it. When will people really understand that this will never happen and CG and officers are the only ways to get it?

If you really want a cuff tryout then try CG tryout since they’re the only division with cuffs or maybe go officer academy since they have cuffs.

Did you not see my points that shutted this down. Cuffs for WO but they need to pass tryout and academy for them - #163 by BlueRedMaster55

Your one comment didn’t shut it down, it’s left to the devs to do what they want and its got like 200 replies, by far the best topic I’ve seen.

As acorporal I am not agreeing this. We are not CG and first we are not free roam and if you want to get cuffs attend and pass a CG tryout.

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I think it should be cuffs for sergeant+ and for all of you saying that if people wanted cuffs to just be a CG not everyone can become a CG for example I can’t even try out because I am on mobile I think cuffs for sergeant+ With training that will only be available to discord people so like a training in a different game and the only way to know about this is via an announcement this would be helpful because then mobile players like me that are sergeant+ have a way of getting cuffs

Is this suggestion just a troll at this point? Just tryout for CG, jesus christ.

You aren’t getting cuffs as a non divisional and much less a corporal. Stop asking for cuffs.


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If you want to get cuffs join CG. :confused:

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well if u don’t give it to corps then give it to serg+ because what the difference and we will get training for the cuffs and there is a lot of div so they will keep a eye on us and we will keep a eye on other people with cuffs and also this will help the border a lot and maybe we could even put a post button instead of a jail button

A cuffs tryout would make CG useless, because then many non-CG would have the same amount of power as CG. If you want cuffs, just join CG.

Like other people have said; You are not getting cuffs as a non-divisional or non-officer.

i agree but i also disagree, i agree that corp+ should not get cuffs i think wo’s should and i disagree with just cg getting cuffs as not everyone can be active enough in the community to stay in the division but they are mature and know the rules so they will not abuse power. i think that cuffs given to wo should allow you to move someone but you cant jail people.
-tyhhipthebest corporal GAR

Yes just like what i said in my post: Cuff that won’t jail just post