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Creating new post due to spam from enities who do not know what theyre talking about

ignore this post. @Zorro_Blood @TheHo1yCrusader @BlueRedMaster55 All don’t know I took a video of someone tryna flex breaking TOS and reported it, please read the actual name of the reporter.

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Mhm, basically a self report.

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Bro that kinda sus to rape.

Also, you should have used a normal saber because 2 is too much for small asses.

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well this isn’t Devm1ka this is red_guard. so its not lol

Yea just realised. Kind of stupid from me. Need some sleep.

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Lol dont we all? i get up sometimes at 2-4 am to do discord.

Divisions aren’t as elite as they were before. They accept too much people inside like 327th and from what I have seen many of divisionals even other company members than trooper act inmature and sometimes even toxic. This is one of many examples of their actions.


LOL, are you really reporting me for this? U are literally demoted as officer in our raid group for doing stuff like this and much worse. U destroyed our server, admin abused and more… And u dare to report us for breaking rules? Is this some sort of revenge?

dev is literally the dumbest person i’ve ever seen

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This was also clearly a joke.

he reported himself by recording this

Amended really reporting me lol, he literally destroyed our whole server by admin abusing

powering imagination


Dude. Divisionals are not supposed to kill AOS. AOS mean “Arrest on Sight”, AOS and KOS are 2 different things. KOS is “Kill on Sight”. So Sinister, you are wrong.

When there is no personnel with cuffs near, they are seen as KoS. Would be kinda stupid, there is a whole server and no one got cuffs. Then a raider comes, kills some people, get KoS. Just kill some more people, get AoS. No more KoS. That would make no sense.
AoS is just basically the next level of KoS.

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Uh do you realize you are reporting for somebody for also breaking TOS in fact the video is showing you doing it, also I do see that he said more so that would be improper conduct.

Do you realize he is violating TOS in the video?