Create a tutorial game!

So, everyone hates rkers, nobody likes them! (Except the one rker reading this)

I am suggestioning a tutorial game, that will go over the following things with these restrictions:

  • GAR must do the training before becoming a cadet, or they must do it before getting trooper rank, because theyll get guns at trooper

  • A simple obby for agility

  • A summary of important rules

  • A short test about the rules

  • rules about the booths, lines, and when immigrants are required to go in line

Some other things could include being placed into a box with an immigrant in line, and then an immigrant breaking the rules, to see if theyll shoot them.

This is cool however it’ll decrease GAR’s growth!

Well, I’d rather have less GAR with more competent members instead of more GAR with less incompetent members.

- AmendedSins