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Create a system where unauthorized personnel can’t enter the booths

Its really annoying when a cadet or trooper randomly enters the booth and starts messing with the gate controls, so may we have a system to prevent that?

Some ideas:

  1. Make a something where if an unauthorized personnel enters the booth (e.g a cadet or trooper), we can TK them.

  2. Just make a script about if an unauthorized personnel enters the booth, dies. (Idea by Nepolesia)

  3. Create something where when an unauthorized personnel attempts to enter the booths, it teleports them back outside the entrance.

Yes, I know we can just report them, but that takes too much work and time. Also, make it so it doesn’t work with raiders (so raiders can still have some fun and actually raid.)


What about we make it so Cadets and Troopers can’t press any of the buttons inside, but maybe raiders for them to take over the booths.

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Cadets can still mess around inside though.