Create a suggestion page in the discord for the community to vote on

We should add a suggestion bot to the discord for members of the community to file suggestions much easier. Also, members of the community would be able to vote on the suggestions, which can help see if the community would like to see it implemented.

How it works: In public chat, members would submit a certain format(see images) that would be recognized by the bot. The bot would add this suggestion to the suggestion page and add the 3 reactions for it. The bot helps to keep the suggestion page clean and proper format is always used(the bot is the only one able to actually type in the suggestion page).


Unbelievaboat bot.

( Any helpful resources - videos / images )
how suggest

Ignore the community and the actual suggestions as this is in a different community(Last Day on Earth/mobile game) but look at how the suggestion mechanics work. Thanks for reading.

I understand the point of the suggestion, but I feel current form of suggestions is alright.

No spam
You get a response on the case
Every suggestion is checked
And you can still vote!

Above things wouldn’t be guaranteed if suggestions were in Discord.

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I agree. If there was a suggestion page the suggestions channel would bee FLOODED with suggestions. Reading them all would be a challenge.