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Crate a seprtist group to go with the GAR

The main ranks would be “In production” - “Warrant officer” Then officer ranks. The in-production morph would be a training droid, then a normal droid then droids with yellow on their heads. The officer morph would be a tactical droid. After that there are some divisions. The piloting division (Blue coloring). The security division (Red coloring). The driving division (Green coloring). The Geonosis division (Brown coloring). The guarding division (Magna guard). The special forces division (BX commando). Super attack division (Super battle droid). Recon division (Orange coloring). You get the idea, I think another group would be great for raids!

this is about gar so i don’t think this suggestion we be accepted and if u want this just create a raiding group.

It would be more exciting to have a official CIS group affiliated with GAR and have leaders like Viceroy Gunray & other generals and now that the senate is a thing we should have CIS senators and battle droids who protect them.

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I agree but the separatist will have there own rank system and it should have the separatist council and more…

They should also make a Galactic Republic group