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Couple suggestions for the new map


Here is the main problem of the map in my opinion. It’s how BIG it is. It’s literally 10x bigger than it should be. The booths themselves are WAYY too giant. I simply ask that in a future update, you guys please downsize the map a little bit. It’s way to much walking. Although the walking situation may be solved when the speeders come out, but I could see some problems happening with those. Like people shooting other people off a speeder and taking it as their own. Idk, that’s probably just me. Also, you should maybe move the GAR spawn more away from the bank. It’s pretty close and some people I know have been complaining about it. I for one don’t really care but I just threw that in here simply because it’s probably what 80% of the people think. The map is good, don’t get me wrong. I like the graphics, the new death animation, all that. But there’s more cons than pros in this situation. It’s like a 4/10. Maybe a six if I wanna be generous.



I think everything is fine they just need to add speeders and they should make the train work so people can travel faster