Cool cuffs suggestion


Nobody likes being jailed by CG (Coruscant Guard) or officers and it makes things boring, you just tap some AOS person and then tap the jail button to jail them. So I propose that the jail button doesn’t teleport anyone to jail, but the person with the cuffs has to run to the prison area themselves and then they get to jail the person they want to jail. When they are at the area then they can click the jail button to put them in jail.

Epic benefits:

  • More work for lazy CG and lazy officers
  • If someone is getting jailed raiders can kill the person with cuffs to free them (or they kill the person that is going to be jailed)
  • Prevents mass jailing
  • It gives CG and officers more challenge
  • You get to scream at CG and officers when you are being jailed
  • It only takes 30 seconds to get from one side of the map to the jail area not a big deal

If that one new map gets added then it should be close to the border area but not too close, it should take 30 seconds minimum to get from the border to the jails. So guys pls tell Coruscant Guard people and they will all disagree except for everyone that is not CG or officer. This is the only way you raiders can get away with screaming at people.


  1. The time it would take to get someone to jail would be enough to already have another user requiring jail time either for rule-breaking or AOS.

  2. They’re jobs are already hard enough, why the hell would forcing them to carry idiots all the way from the border to jail be any better?

  3. On top of that, what benefit would this even have? All the stuff you listed seems more like annoyances. And about the raider saving other people point, most raiders already kill CG quick enough before jailing.

In short, this would be inconvenient as hell.


That’s because these dummies stand in the corner of the map with the AOS in their cuffs, writing a 5 hour speech to describe why an Arret On Sight is being arrested. If you didn’t know, when a raider gets AOS it shows a small notification on the bottom right of their screen saying they are able to be arrested.

It’s not any better :slight_smile:

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No, how would you feel as CG if you had to take every noy posting cadet through the whole map to jail them?


Fun because I don’t have to deal with the rest of them.

And that’s neglecting duties. CGs have that jail button to immediatly continue posting people after jailing someone.

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Why would you even want this to be added, another suggest with absolutely zero thought…


People make suggestion topics with less than three sentences and they get 50+ replies this is way more than three sentences and it is actually more unique than a lot of the suggestions that you see the exact same of once or twice every week.

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Lol, no This is just an advantage for you aos raiders so if you are in a team we have time to die 4 times before we get to the jail.

With all respect - bloublou42


The length of the suggestion isn’t my point, my point is the fact that you suggested something that both serves no benefit and would harm the gameplay.


To summarise everything people are saying:

Your suggestion is not thought out well enough, and it’s just generally a terrible suggestion that will never be accepted.

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Why don’t you be quiet? You know the forums actually doesn’t want people signing their names for the record, you were just a corporal a few months ago and since your promotion, you’ve been acting important.

No, do you think CG will become easier? Although I would improve your suggestions, it could be easier to give transport for CG, there are several RapidResponse police speeders, and Coruscant police speeder. And they gave him the opportunity to put him in a car and take him to prison. Although it will turn into a kind of role-playing game.
RapideResponse police speeders

Coruscant Police speeder

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This will create mass abuse. CGs handling raiders for WAY to long or they just keep them in cuffs for 5 minutes saying “i was taking him to the jail and was lagging real hard so me was slows”.

Anyhow cool suggestion though.

Wait first I do what I second who are you?

sorta yeah, i like the cg pfp.

NO. it isnt just click a button, there is more involved that just that. You need to verify a good reason and make sire the arrest is valid via logs and screenshots, and having us walk to the jail is even more boring. You call us lazy? No! We are the only ones who do our job all the time! We have to stay at the border and do our job. Its required of us.


You need to take a screenshot every time you jail someone? Well your lives are depressing.


I love this idea, 10/10 screaming at the CG who now has to do more work is going to annoy the hell out of them especially if they get killed, this is the best idea I have ever seen in this godforsaken forum. you have my vote.

It’s unnecessery loss of time. I have 2 options what to do with not posting cadet:
If I jail cadet it will most likely let him know that if he continues doing the same thing he’ll get in trouble. Why making my job more complicated is a good idea?

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