Community Ban Appeal (repost since I didn't get response first time)


Username: GuacamoleDaBeast
Ban reason: Bypassing


Hello thank you for using your time to read this appeal, I was community banned for bypassing and I’m here to appeal it. First off I only bypassed to see if the bypass actually worked for the reason being that a yoda told me a way to bypass the word “butt” in a regrettable way so I tried it; nonetheless, that isn’t an excuse to bypass. I shouldn’t have done it in the first place and if I didn’t none of this would happen. I always tend to do stuff without thinking about the consequences and this is what happened right now. I’m sorry for being immature by bypassing, especially as a divisional. Not to mention, I’m supposed to be a role model as a divisional and help new GAR members. I felt very welcome in GAR and especially the 187th Legion; hence, I was sad to see it all gone with a snap of a finger. I always tend to act before thinking upon it, moreover, this is an example of it. I should’ve thought of the result that would happen if I did bypass, yet I did not and I am truly sorry for doing so. I feel like everyone deserves a second chance and this is what I’m asking for right now. I completely understand why I was community banned, all I ask for, like I said, is a second chance. I will remember to always follow the ToS next time, if I am unbanned that is. I will remember to follow all the rules and make sure I’m not doing anything wrong. I do not mind a lift too, as long as I can come back to being in divisions and such and not be permanent community banned. I still do want to be a part of GAR not just by playing it but joining and adventuring different divisions especially like going back to the 187th. The main reason I am making this appeal is to go back to my home division in GAR, the 187th Legion. Like I said before, thank you for taking your time reading this appeal.
Discord- alexxxx#7573

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You are IAD banned which can not be appealed on the forums.

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