Comment something and I'll give you a long story based on your username

Example: @Opa123456039

Opa was sitting at the border when someone came up to him and yelled “Grandfather!”, he was severely confused and executed him immediately because that’s what he tends to do. Then, in a flash, cadets started storming him saying things like “Grand-dad!”, “Grandpa”, and “Pops”. Feeling overwhelmed he placed down a bomb and watched as pieces of cadets went flying into the air.

He used his jetpack to escape, hiding from all his alleged grandchildren he questioned the meaning of why they were calling him that. He meets another Special Forces and he asks him why his name is “Grandpa”. Opa looks seriously confused and questions the other man. He pulls out his Holophone and shows him the definition of Opa.

noun. grandad [noun] a grandfather . grandpa [noun] (informal) grandfather.

He was stunned, it’s greek for grandpa? That’s why all the cadets were chasing him like needy kids who want candy. For now he needed to go into hiding till everyone calmed down and forgot his name.


Seems like a cool idea

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i can confirm that happens to me alot

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i have loads of grand children across the world

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please go take care of them

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i am security /// ///


My real username is jameshal2superslayer but call me super_slayer7

Timmy stole my ribs.

Stargate, after modifying his 327th uniform to be pink he started getting chased by 41st members being used as target practice. With his agility and the fact all 41st members are morbidly obese he got away swiftly.

He caught up with a few of his friends and they were shocked at the sight of his armor. He saw it as aesthetic and fashionable and he got much praise from 187th, the fruitiest division out there and the most likely division to simp. 187th thought Stargate was a hot gamer girl so they started chasing him aswell, his fellow 327th members sat back and died of laughter. He took off the armor in the apartments and shut his door tight escaping the hungry mob.


lolll that is really funny

A WOMAN?! GIMME AUTOGEAPH PLS PLS PLS skee Ew koken see kejekrbejhfjd

shut up jameshal ///

Coruscant guard, corrupt, cool fight scene, commnader fox, MILO, clone 99 making it out alive and being a hero. Phase 2.

Sounds like a fun idea.


Max held the hand of Opa, dragging him back to his kids for custody measures. Opa started crying. “I have too many for me to handle!” Max sighed, “not alone you don’t.” Opa looked into Max’s eyes and rubbed his eyes. Max was gonna be their grandma. True love.

Jokes, here’s your real story.

Max started running, hiding behind a building as sirens wailed and screeched, BARC were on their speeders looking for him with CG’s on the back. Somehow he managed to get AOS and KOS at the same time with a $10,000 dollar bounty. Was this a mistake? Whatever, no time for thinking he just needed to flag someone down and explain what happened, he was no criminal! Just then he saw some 41st getting their snipers ready with some ARC’s.

He was dead meat there’s no time to explain he just needed to… RUN! Blasts started running around his feet making him look like a cartoon character who was on some hot lava. He ran to the bar and his behind a booth as 501st scouted the area, Max1239 is GAR’s most wanted. What he’d do? Where will he go? And how will he escape?

i committed many war crimes on the cadets

what about me? /// ///

How did Destroy356 get the name? Well, years ago in the early stages of GAR he was the most feared raider of them all, the 356 was his kill count. His 356th victim? His own mother! How could someone be so cruel yet be around still. How dare he show his face!

Legend says if you see him in game you may become his 357th victim but only if you anger him. It’s been years since the death of the 356th victim, and he hasn’t put his hands on anyone since. People say it scarred him, people say he got a new hobby but those old enough to recall the tale say he’s planning a comeback.

this is kinda true lol. if you anger me things might not go well. it is hard to anger me so if it happens just run