[CLOSED] xXFIREHEART06Xx Random Killing


Reporter username: toenail5678
Reported user: xXFIREHEART06Xx


Before I recorded, I waited in line and was let into the border. As soon as I came in after being told to go in, this user just decided to shoot me and then proceeded to Teabag my remains. I mentioned the possibility of being demoted for those acts because they were doing it to multiple individuals. After that, I started recording to see if it’d happen again but I was instead spawn killed because they “wanted to know why I said that.” I don’t know how the punishments go in this group but I’m hoping it’s either a re-training or a demotion.


Hi there,

Thank you for your report, I have gone through the evidence provided, and have deemed no action necessary.

It seems that this person’s actions are not worthy of punishment at this time as they do not break our rules. We will, however, continue to keep an eye out for any further reports made against this individual and take action accordingly. Thank you for letting us know.

Report Status: Unfounded :no_entry: