[CLOSED] xStar230's discord ban appeal


Username: xStar230
Discord: inactive#2118
Ban reason: Slander

Description: I was expressing a negative opinion about the current state of the game and some of my thoughts on some general members (not all positive). I know that I have messed up on many occasions and I am not trying to deny the claims made against me, I just want to say formally and professionally that I apologise for any slanderous comments or gestures made by me and that I take back any claims I made. I really miss this community and I feel empty without it. If I am given a second chance I promise that I will turn over a new leaf and the only comments I will make will be friendly and positive ones, I wish to leave everything else behind me. I am not asking for forgiveness I am just asking to be considered to have a second chance in this community and that I can enjoy this wonderful community again.

Thank you for reading.



Hi there,

As you were once a High Rank in the game, it is absurd that you would go out of your way to do something like this. Here was your ban reason: “repeated counts of slander over an extremely long period. Goodbye, we will not be missing you. Please keep your opinions about my HICOM to yourself.” Due to the fact that you’ve been part of this community before and you know the rules, it is absolutely unacceptable that someone such as yourself would go out of their way to slander others. Appeal denied. If you have further questions, direct them to my Discord at MikegamingYTW#0438.

Status: DENIED :x: