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[CLOSED] Wolffe_bray SKing (not clipped by me)


Reporter username: Giorn0g1ovanna (the person who clipped)
Reported user: Wolffe_bray


My friend didn’t know how to use forums and asked me to do it for him. Anyways in this clip BaconsIntention isn’t abusing spawn or using forces through spawn, he’s just standing. Regardless KOS or not, he is pulled out of his spawn area and is shot.


I had him SK me before, 2 separate occasions and it was because I was off duty raiding. But, it was legal because there happened to be a patrol in the server both times.

I bet he was raiding.

Hi there,

I am unable to act on this as this individual may have been on KOS for the 104th. Until your able to provide me with more proof, I cannot punish this individual.

Status: DENIED :x: