[CLOSED] What should I do?


Reporter username: ( ilikeoldmenat100 )
Reported user: ( starwars7575 )

I was going fob early due to me seeing my people line up as I was on my phone and was killed for being afk, I went ot the FOB and “starwars7575” was trying to tell me to go back to my division even though seconds later the noti came up about going fob then he said “Corporal so dumb.” and walked of I posted it inside ingame-screenshots to see if anyone was gonna say anything about him then he dm’ed me saying “stfu” (I have proof for both.)

( Rudeness/ Harrasment

Why lie in ur description of the event and then post a screenshot that contradicts yourself…

Hi there,

Unfortunately, the user is not truly violating any republic law or the TOS set forth by both roblox and discord.

So no actions will be taken against this user.

Status: Denied :x: