[CLOSED] Warrant Officer Spawn Killing In My Room


Reporter username: prokiller1615
Reported user: Hgaming4532


HGamer4532 was constantly bullying/spawn killing me telling me to leave the game since I was KOS and was chilling in my room listening to music on my beatbox. He/she encouraged the 212th trooper to help him/her but I was not able to get his/her username in time as that user logged. This took place for nearly 20 minutes and this is not only the first time he/she has done this but in the past as well. I feel it is time for me to take action and report this user’s behaviour as he/she is encouraging other good players/users to participate as well.

I know that KOS means troopers are supposed to kill on site but not wait for 20 minutes outside a room insulting, planting bombs, using the force to pull me out or to a guy with a lightsaber to the wall of the other room.


I took 4 screenshots and a video. The video is not clear enough as I took it in a hurry on another device. However, I do have 4 clear screenshots and evidence that the room was mine at the time. Unfortunately, when I tried to create topic as a new user I can only upload one photo so here is the main photo. I sent the others to RI on Discord which was seen by jesuisunfrancaiss in a ticket.

Hi there,

I would need additional video evidence before I can take any further action against this user.

Status: Unfounded :x: