[CLOSED] Want to come back to discord. .c


Username: ( xxpixelhunterxx12 (not sure if i was using this account) )
Discord: ( pixel#4408 )
Discord Id: ( 679371032494080021 )
Ban reason: ( Welp I was in tryout and there was a hacker who flipping us. After it people started to say it’s pixel, it’s pixel and i just didn’t understand why they blame me. After finishing tryout about (because about the hacker) there was another tryout and wanted to join it. But there was a still exploiter and got banned after it )


( Cuz i didn’t exploit and i want to come back (i like this game so much) )

Hi there,

You’re banned for hacking in tryouts. There’s no coming back from that unless you have vouches from reputable members in GAR.

Status: DENIED :x: