[CLOSED] Very hateful bias person, please read!


Reporter username: Drallid_void
Reported user: Justin

Very biased individual banned me from GAR off of a bias.

Can’t take criticism, overal a jerk to others.
(this is the guy you work for)



This post will literally have no impact on this community whatsoever. Everything that I have been reading from this post, is your biased hatred towards a person that has been keeping the community alive for a long time.

In case you thought appealing was still an option, it’s not. Your biased opinion and toxic behavior are not welcome in GAR or any V&K community for that matter.

The ban was very justified, you called GAR and HICOM “corrupt”, because they granted a hard working individual a position amongst them. Your report has hereby been denied, and any abuse of this topic will result in further repercussions.

If you have any issues with my judgement, feel free to take it to High Command.