[CLOSED] Using Racial Slurs and unprofessional behavior by a GAR Moderator

Reporter username: (Asombroso987 / It’s_Sadii #4442)
Reported user: (capturedcriminal / ! Tr1 #3932)

Good morning. I would like to report a GAR moderator, who is also affiliated with Republic Intelligence. It all started when the moderator pinged me on-topic for no apparent reason. With all the friendliness in the world, I asked him the reason for the ping, and politely tried to solve the problem.

Turns out he was trolling me, and there didn’t seem to be any problem. He told me that I was “worrying too much about a Discord ping”, and I recommended that he better use his time than pinging members. Even more so as a moderator of GAR. And then he used the N-word.

It’s worth adding that members like: vq #4843 - LilMangoMn #4735 humored him and also pinged me for no reason. Thank you very much in advance, and I hope that the required actions are taken, in the face of the violation of the rule considered Major Offense.

If you need concrete proof of Spam Pinging, feel free to send me a DM.


Hi there.

This user has committed no crime and he will not be punished. If you have any future moderator reports, send them to the Head Moderator (Skyl_l).

  • Axel

Sorry for the inconvenience. It will be dealt with.